Friday, February 19, 2016

Concerning Treachery and Missed Opportunities

     Do you ever have a moment where your brains feel like it's about to ooze out your ears for no apparent reason?

     Perhaps you're Roland, a once-living and slightly legendary example of why it's a bad idea to play brass. (I'm fully aware that probably only 2% of the readership shall laugh. Please comment if you did indeed laugh, or used any of the various ways of expressing amusement, including exhaling slightly louder than one normally would, so we can be weird minorities together.)

     Or perhaps the brain-ooze is caused by reflecting on life, planning for the future, having an existential crisis about the color of one's eyes and the concept of favorite colors...

     Well...perhaps the latter brain-melting thought is special to my mind alone. But when I began this post, I was musing on missed opportunities. And...treachery? Yes. The INTP's mind works in mysterious ways. The real trouble is figuring out how to make those mysterious ways actually applicable to reality.

     Missed opportunities themselves are not usually insignificant. They generally speak a lot about who you are as a person, and what sort of decisions you make. Sometimes, they're completely accidental, and you're left to fume in mediocrity.

     Other times, they're ridiculous enough to make you question all your minor life choices.

     Recently, I had to give a speech on whether or not treachery should be a capital crime. (I shan't elaborate, but it mainly consisted of me wearing a bow tie and arguing with myself throughout most of the speech. Ah well; the class seemed to enjoy it ((meaning they stayed awake)) despite lack of preparation on my part.) But as I was finishing writing the said speech, I realized I committed a horrible oversight: I didn't reference a Star Wars meme even though I had the perfect opportunity to. Oh the unforgivable sin... I suppose you could say I'm a...

Image found on
...traitor B). And yes, you may laugh at my use of the cool sunglasses emoji. I'm not ashamed in the least. Perhaps I've been in Sylv's head for too long...

     Well, missing an opportunity to reference Star Wars is quite the tragedy. But closer to home is the fact that I completely forgot to celebrate the birthday of this esteemed Wandering Typewriter.

     *single tear falls off the pale face of our narrator and finds its rest on a dusty "V" key*

     Anyway, happy birthday to this blog. *throws confetti and assorted weapons*I may not be terribly consistent, but at least I'm not like the writers of Sherlock; the esteemed readers get a post more than one every two years. Though I probably shouldn't say that, in case the next hiatus stretches extra long.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Concerning Two Thoughts

     I'm supposed to be studying. I even have a hot, sweet, comforting cup of tea nearby to give me strength. However, I made the mistake of choosing a Star Wars mug, and as I stare at the faces of the characters, my textbook metaphorically screaming at me in the background, the thought(s) attack my mind and refuse to leave:

     Did Kylo Ren throw temper tantrums over chemistry homework?
     And what sort of chemistry did they teach a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away??

     The answers are yes, and I'm not certain. And yet the questions still scamper about the ol' cranium, wreaking havoc on intellectual productivity.

     And thus dies my sanity. Again.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

In Which I...Lack Words?

     Words. I'm supposed to excel in finding the right ones and putting them in the right order. I'm a writer; it's what I do when I'm not researching what sort of weapon causes what sort of wound and when the refrigerator was invented.

     I'm also not supposed to have emotions. I'm an INTP; it's what I do. Well, what I do when I'm not acting like this:
Image probably found on Pinterest.
If you don't know which comic I'm referencing, you shall be thrown out the window in a most undignified manner. 

     Lately I've been reminded that words are actually quite hard to find, and emotions are something I posses. (Wow, look at the passive voice in that sentence; my judgmental Shakespeare finger puppet is glaring at me in utmost disapproval.) That to say, I don't really have much to say this Thursday. Perhaps I'll give an update on what things I'm doing.


     I'm taking the ACT soon.


     I've been listening to a lot of Twenty One Pilots lately?

     Alright, I'll admit. My life is currently horrifically boring to blog about. Well, actually some of it isn't, but that portion is the portion I'd rather not paste all over the Internet., have a horribly timed picture of Watson yawning.