Wednesday, September 16, 2015

In Which I...Forget Things

      I seem to have a  habit of forgetting things. Meals, chemical formulas, a radically new method of space travel--well, perhaps not the space travel. But I had a thoughtful, pseudo-philosophical blog post all planned out in my head, and I cannot remember a word of it. Hmm. It will come to me later. Likely late at night when I'm too sleepy to write it down and will proceed to forget it all again. 

      Forgetting a blog post isn't the worst thing I've forgotten. Forgetting breakfast and then trying to concentrate on chemistry is a hopefully something I won't do often. It may be that I am too full of other thoughts to remember such trivial things as "meals".

     There was a point to this...hmm. Well, while I think about it, have a cat picture. 

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