Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Concerning the Sudden Outpouring of White Death

     We tend to have wacky weather in Tennessee. By wacky I mean it can be comfortably in the 60s one week, and snowing the next. Sometimes the aforementioned variation takes place in the span of a few days, rather than weeks. One would think, with all our wacky weather, snow wouldn't phase us in the least. We'd merely attach makeshift snowplows to our cars, rev up the engine, and go about our business as usual.

     Unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world, or even a hypothetical world. (Or do we? Would we know if our world was hypothetical?) More unfortunately, snow days don't apply to homeschoolers. 

     Ah yes. Snow days. Such a magical blessing of the weather provides the setting for many classic movies; at least, that's what I've been told. Being a homeschooler, I wouldn't know from experience. 

     ...are two homeschooler jokes too much for one blog post? Perhaps. 'Tis a question that could inspire a whole unit study, or, at the very least, an essay. I blame my education for my tendency for accidentally write the said essays.

     *ahem* Anyway. Even though I experience the blessing of being able to do schoolwork in my pajamas (though the fact that I can doesn't mean I do it), I don't think I'm too badly set in the ways of awkwardness that seem to follow homeschoolers around like an evil snow cloud. I have friends...I think. I think I quote BBC Sherlock far too much for this to seem like a reasonable assumption.

GIF found on Tumblr
     I also like to think I'm somewhat of a rebel. I drank tea on national coffee day, I didn't go sledding when it snowed (instead, I took ominous pictures in black and white), and I still haven't seen the new Star Wars (though hopefully that shall be corrected tomorrow). Also, I forgot to build a snowman, possibly because an animated Disney princess didn't ask me to via song. Pity....especially if in doing so, I could have fashioned minions like these:

Image found on http://tardis.wikia.com/
     ...Doctor Who creates nightmare fuel like nothing else does. It also does a decent job of tearing one's heart to pieces and stealing one's sanity, though Sherlock is better at both. 

     Speaking of BBC Sherlock....

     ...no. This post has too many tangents already. Besides, even though we've had a new Sherlock episode for nearly a month now, I doubt I could express my opinions on it in any way other than punching the keyboard randomly and uncontrollably. Like so: aslkjkljlkjJASLDKFJASLJK;L. Quite expressive, hmm? Impossible to pronounce and beyond the feeblest clutches of logic, but expressive nonetheless. 

     Well... this was supposed to be about snow. Instead, it became a long ramble about nothing in particular, without even the title of "novel" to paint a thin excuse of sanity on the nonsense. It might be about homeschooling. It might also, more subtlely, be a study in the mind of a cabin fever-ridden INTP. Or merely.....lack of tea and warmth.

     I think I need socialization. 

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