Saturday, April 18, 2015

In Which A Distracted Person Should Not Be Given Italian Food

     (Sequel to this post. )

     We all have different talents and abilities. Some people are skilled musicians, others are talented dancers, and some have personalities which facilitate those "necessary" communications in life. I have talents, too: I pop up in unexpected places, cry over my own stories, and have the makings of a creepy stalker. But today I realized that I had a previously undiscovered talent:

...I can microwave things beautifully. The microwave is above the stove, you see. I took out a plate of leftovers and spilled all but a few mouthfuls. *deep sigh*



  1. Oh dear. I'm terribly sorry about that. Perhaps all I can do is stand back and wish you not be so distracted next time?

    1. Standing back might be a wise idea, as my mind is often too full of other thoughts to consider such trifling things as balancing objects. Or not falling over chairs.