Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Camp NaNo Chronicles: Day 4

     Day four. 2,727 words. 27,273 words remaining until I reach my goal of 30,000. I did it once; surely I can do it again. Hopefully.

     Day one kicked off to a rocky start. I didn't begin writing until late in the evening, and didn't meet my daily goal. Day two was little better; the novel seemed to be fighting me every word of the way. (Or perhaps it was the characters trying to fight back before I did nasty things to them.) Day three, things finally began coming together like they ought to. Now, day four...I haven't written a word besides this blog post. If all goes as planned, I'll reach 4,000 words by tonight.
     I suppose some of you are curious. What goes into the making of a "great" novel? (I say great, but as we all know, first drafts are terrible. That's why they're called first drafts.) Again, a pictur  e says a thousand words:

     From left to right: A purple minion with a Sherlock hat (to remind myself of my genre, and also to represent the crazed state of the creative part of my brain), my notebook of character profiles, tea, and a warning not to annoy me. Not pictured: a pitchfork and a plastic dagger. 

     Well, I should probably get back to writing. Anastasia might turn up sometime today to say hello. 


  1. Which one is tea and which is the warning not to annoy you?
    Also, are there specific rules for each NaNo month? I was thinking that if not, writers could get away with doing work on their novels before the month started. Hear from you later.

    1. The tea is contained in the boxes on the far right. The warning is on the mug next to them; it reads, "Please do not annoy the writer. She may put you in a book and kill you", a very realistic warning, I think. :P

      The November NaNoWriMo (the most well-known one) is a bit strict; the novel must be 50,000 words, at least, and it must be a novel. The other two months are more laid-back; you can choose different projects to work on (i.e. editing, scriptwriting, nonfiction, etc.) and set flexible goals. The writers aren't supposed to begin their novels before the month starts, though I think some do. *glares over my glasses at them*