Thursday, June 18, 2015

Concerning Assassins and Justin Bieber Duct Tape

     Oh dear; I neglected my blog again. *dust off the poor Wandering Typewriter and begins pounding out on the keys once more*

     Many things have happened since last I wrote: I turned sixteen, lost much sleep at a worldview conference, and discovered that dressing as an assassin is very, very interesting.

     I could just publish this post without going into any more detail. However, since I don't want to be taken as a psychopath or almost-sociopath, I shan't.

     Sixteen is supposed to be an important age in American culture. However, my birthday hardly felt special; my brothers were more excited about it than I was. I did get some awesome presents, though: a stuffed Grumpy Cat and Justin Bieber duct tape. (Yes, it exists. Also, I wish there was a sarcasm font; I am most definitely not a Belieber.) The Grumpy Cat shall probably become my mascot as a begin college this month; she will sit there and motivate me by her ever-present frown.

     Next we come to the worldview conference. Every year, many high school and college age students attend the BWSC, which stands for the Biblical Worldview Student Conference. Take a look at their website; they're epic. Last year, I spent much of the free time observing or playing games, and participating in English country dancing. This year, I made a discovery...

Image credit to @shadow.cosplay (Instagram)

...dressing like an assassin and running around in the rain is exactly as fun as it sounds. 

Image credit to @shadow.cosplay (Instagram)
     Mind, I wasn't actually trying to kill my friend Michala in any of those pictures. We were acting as characters from one of her many stories: two (ex) assassins. It's quite complicated; perhaps I shall ask her to write a guest post and explain. Suffice it to say, the two characters never quite got along:

Image credit to @shadow.cosplay (Instagram)
     Many other interesting things happened at the conference, such as when a friend and I went traipsing around the college campus, taking pictures, instead of going to sleep like sane folks. But then, being sane is rather boring, don't you think?

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