Sunday, August 9, 2015

In which I realize that blogs do not update themselves

     Can blogs update themselves? Simple answer to a rhetorical question (without going on a philosophical tangent): no they cannot. This fact was proven by the Wandering Typewriter's semi-accidental hiatus.

     Well....what to type. Hmm. Studying is a boring subject, I would imagine; as is "writing" (a.k.a. fangirling over one's characters without doing any actual writing). So is photography...


     No it isn't.

(All pictures on this blog are copyrighted by me,
unless otherwise noted.)
     Woo hoo for another selfie on this blog. I should be ashamed. Maybe later. Although that theoretically doesn't count as a selfie, as it's taken by a DSLR instead of a phone. But I digress.

      One of the reasons for this blog's failure to update itself is the fact that I was away at a digital media camp. I have a scene in mind that summarized the week, but unfortunately I don't have a picture, and I don't feel like typing a thousand words at the moment. So I shall attempt to summarize: fourteen teenagers sit in a Mac lab, staring at the huge screens as they try desperately to finish editing their video on time. Then the sleep deprivation hits, the teens lose what portions of their intellect that are still intact, the counselors go insane, and madness intensifies. Another, more accurate summary would be to say we spent the majority of the week shooting at each other, but don't want to seem like more of a psychopath than I can help. 

      Despite the rather terrible photos that grace this blog, I think I can take decent pictures when I have a mind to. Especially if I have a good of the saddest things of the week was having to leave a borrowed Canon Rebel behind. *looks off into the distance as a single tear trails down my cheek* So sad, in fact, that one of the first things I said to my dad when I saw him again at the end of the week was that I needed a new camera.

     Behold the Canon. *strokes it* My precioussss.... *ahem* Sorry about that. But I do love the camera. 

     It would hardly be fair to write such a long post about photography without actually showing any pictures. So, without further ado...

     Well, I hope you enjoyed the post. I considered posting another awkward selfie with the glorious Canon, but one per blog post is quite enough for me. Farewell for now, and let's hope the hiatus won't be nearly as long this time around. 

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