Monday, December 14, 2015

The Logic of Defenestration

     No, it's not Thursday. Do you know what it is instead?

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     Well, not quite Christmas, I suppose. (Actually,  for me it’s felt like Christmas since October, but that’s beside the point. Perks of being in a Christmas play.) But it’s Christmas in that last week I finished a literature class (for this semester, at least). Which means, mostly, I don’t have to write any more speeches until January. *mass celebration*

     So, while I have this massive amount of time on my hands (forgive the blatant lie; it’s December and I’m a musician and an actor. We don't get Christmas breaks), I thought, why not write about it instead of, you know, studying other things? Hey, before you yell at me, realize I don’t have finals to worry about. Which… well, I almost wish I did have them. I’d have something to blame my weird state of mind on, then. Just theater life. Theater life isn’t all glitter, you know (though there’s quite a lot of the said substance scattered about the stage). It involves a lot of exhaustion and vacuuming up fake snow and accidentally dropping the snow machine on the Peanuts gang. Whoops.

     Defenestration. What a lovely word. Vaguely ominous, and it sounds important. Sort of like the picture, I believe.

     I’ve heard (and thought of) quite a few dramatic ways to die, but getting thrown out a window rather takes the cake. That's one reason I killed a character that way, for a class assignment. I disposed of a character based on a mythical student, and in his method of death I included the punishment threatened by our teacher if we forgot our homework. When I preformed it, the class laughed, I didn’t mess up terribly badly, and I got a good grade on the tragedy. All was well and I was happy.

     Until I found out the mythical student wasn’t mythical at all.

     You see, last year someone had signed up for the class at the beginning of the semester but never showed up. As he had a name which made for a rather interesting pun, we all assumed it wasn’t a joke.

     But it wasn’t.

     The non-mythical student is indeed real and alive and attends other classes. Why he didn’t attend this class in particular remains a mystery. But now, if I ever meet him, I’ll have to explain how I killed him in my tragedy by tossing him out a window.

(GIF found on Tumblr)

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